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Bio: Making a list of references in the abstract. Example

Brief summary of the scientific report, article and other scientific works.All rules for registration must be observed, otherwise the work is considered unfinished. This also applies to the bibliography. How to arrange it in the abstract - read our article.

What is included in the list of references in the abstract

The list of references is sometimes viewed separately. It is an indicator of your diligence in preparing an abstract: how many books, articles or magazines you studied while writing, and how carefully you searched for information.

The list of references should consist of sources no older than 5 years. For example, for 2019, you should not take a textbook from 2013, you need to find another book or a fresh reprint.

The teacher's respect is caused by lists of references, where there are good theoretical textbooks interspersed with relevant articles from scientific journals, collections and conferences. It becomes clear that you have studied both the fundamentals of the subject and its modern trends, and now you will tell something interesting.

Number of sources in the list of references

The standard number of sources used in an abstract varies from 15 to 25.

However, these are only approximate figures. Since everything depends on the topic of the essay, its knowledge, the requirements of the teacher and the university. But one rule still should not be violated: leave the abstract without a list at all. This will have a bad effect on the work in general and the assessment. Since your knowledge should always be supported by theory.

Making a list of references in the abstract

A bibliographic list is a big headache when it comes time to draw it up. First you write at the top of the page, in the center, the words "Literature List", align the text to the width of the page, set the standard margins, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman 14, black color. And then the task becomes more complicated: each item from the list must be clearly drawn up in accordance with methdoology.

The list of references is arranged in alphabetical order. All numbers of references to sources in the text of the work correspond to the number of the book from the list of references.

The list of references, in addition to the alphabetical order, adheres to a separate system. Methdoology (interstate) and (domestic) determine the order in which the items go; for example, normative legal documents and federal laws are ahead, and scientific and journalistic publications are at the bottom of the list.
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