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Bio: The gallery also dedicated a significant quantity of its time to creating free and educational packages for third via 12th grade college students to foster larger discussion and perception into the Chicago arts community. If you answered "yes" to any of the above, the newly-established Bolt Residency program may be an excellent option for you. The Bolt Residency is a extremely competitive and juried artist program housed in the former FLATFILEgalleries, an 8,000 square foot space in the West Loop. The idea is to not solely provide studio space for artists, however to serve as a help structure and a network for artists to develop their artistic practices into viable careers. It isn't a simple thing, in spite of everything.

From now until June 1, the Museum of Contemporary Art is that includes Recent Acquisitions, an exhibition showcasing works by artists similar to Dan Flavin, Gillian Wearing, and Gary Simmons. Several items are on display for the primary time. This exhibition represents Part Two of a two-part presentation; Part One featured past and present Chicago-based artists. Remember -- Tuesdays on the MCA are free. The mammoth 264,000 sq. foot, three story addition will characteristic works from European artists after 1900 on the highest degree.

Milwaukee as canvas and then ceremoniously portray over them with white paint. This spectacle speaks to idea of art as one thing that come and goes, evolves and would not final forever.

Some artists involved with the mural had been Sebastian Napoli, Kelly Jensen, Matthew Morgan and George Berlin. The opening reception started last night at 6pm and the murals have been painted over 10pm. Visitors have been invited to wander in to all the studios housed within the Flat Iron Building and handled with the familiar cups of wine and veggie plates. I spoke with artist Scotie Cousin who talked about this is able to not be last time this performance would happen. We know that Chicago is filled with nice artwork.

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